Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I was just reading a blog posted by Blake and laughed so hard I cried! Having had not as bad a day as he may have had, but just as " Northern "!!! I thought I would share it with you. Matt was flying out to Iqaluit for a course on Sunday, which got delayed as they were having quite a blizzard. Monday was told no flight as well. Tuesday was the big day. We ( I went because it was his first time out......won't be going to do that again soon) both trot off to the airport around 2:45pm as the flight would be in around 3:30pm. It was delayed......First Air was full (16 passengers!!!!) so he was flipped over again to Kenn Borek (8 passenger) which also does the Medivac.......which did come in to transport a patient. At 3:30 Matt's flight was delayed until 4:30......Keep in mind we are not living close to the airport....don't have we had to wait it out. At 4:30 we were told the flight was just leaving and would be in around 5:45pm. It did make it. Matt flew out at 6:15pm. So I need to get home before 7:00pm as I was going to the Community Center for sewing.....and needed to get home to put Pippie out. Well I dressed for the weather.....long johns, jeans, ski pants and I froze, even my feet just being inside the airport. It was -40 and blowing hard, we live up on the hill, almost across from the rink, I didn't think I could do all that in 45 minutes. I opted to take the taxi. ummmmm....... which, when Fred called, they were not running.....hehe. Sooooo.....this wonderful, kind women offered to take me home. I accepted the offer! Knowing full well what it is like being on a snow machine (I went once to the Northern with a female) with a woman driver (me being woman, and cautious!!!!!) that I wouldn't have the misfortune of having another speedy driver. Was I wrong! When she couldn't navigate the turns, she would take, or make her own trail. And the roads are so traveled here that they are snow packed , with a glazed finish on top. Sara would be proud of the shine. Anyway, by the time she got me home, my eyeballs were so frozen I think they were bouncing off each other and they didn't tear up until I was in the house for about 3 minutes. And my lids were slow on the blink action. But I made it.

Thursday (tomorrow) there is a fundraiser for the girls soccer team. They are having a bake sale and bingo. I will be helping/partaking in both. They are raising money for their soccer trip to NFLD.



Anonymous said...

Hey y'all. I had to set up my own blog just so I could leave a comment for you!, if your interested. Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I finally got a chance to look at your blog. Looks good, but you need some new pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys
Been calling for over a week now,talked to the inlaws,haven't heard a peep from new e-mail
Please..please..please tell me that you are having so much fun
that you haven't any time to call
or write...I'm o.k. with ..just need to know that you are still
love to hear from you.Hpoe all is well.
love mom

Anonymous said...

Geez you guys...if you're not going to email, you could at least update your blog.

Anonymous said...

Well, reached +12 here the other day. Outside BBQing, didnt even have to zip up my coat. Cassidy turns 1 next week! Can you beleive she's a year old already. She's a troublemaker this one! Climbs everything, knows when she is doing something wrong, she looks at you and grins then knocks the glass off the table.

Miss you guys horribly. Take care and post some nice pics of the northern lights already!!!