Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Weather

So it's May 30, 2009 and it's snowing. At least it will be a nice walk to poker tonight.

I thought this was a neat shot of the snow flakes.

Look Up. Way Up

The metal structure is being assembled for the high school addition. Glad it isn't me up there.

IQ Day Part 1 of 2

The CGS office went out on IQ day Friday. I will be posting more photos and stories early next week. Until then here is the group that went minus myself and Ken. We were both taking photos.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Favorite Kitchen Appliance

It's what all the yummy stuff comes out of.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Mommy is Here!

My Dad came up to work in Cape Dorset just over 1/2 a year ago and now has his own apartment. (Love ya Dad but glad you have your own place). So my Mom decided it was time for her to make the journey as well. They have rented out their southern home and plan to be up here for awhile. The arrival as told in Photos.

I've missed my Mommy.

The lights are on. Won't be much longer now.
I see a plane in the distance.
Taxing in.
Couple of relieved and happy faces. My Mom doesn't like to fly.
What a serious face. Smile Mom your in Cape Dorset!
I Love You Mom.

Open Water

The Ice is starting to melt where the current is strong. In about another month the ice should be completely broken up. Keep your fingers crossed that we get the iceberg's blowing in again this year.

Michele was ice fishing Friday and she said there is slush on the ice going to fish lake. I'll be out fishing on June 1st for IQ day and hope not to get stuck in it. That's right we're ice fishing in May and June.

Cape Dorset Towing

Snowmobile in the bucket.

Cat Break

Bandit was feeling photogenic a few days ago. This is his why aren't you pulling the string around for me to watch look.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strange Arctic Bird

Ha ha. Someone was flying a kite in the Hamlet a few days ago. Only in the north will you see kids flying kites at -15C. Looked like a lot of fun. Photo is a bit blurry because I cropped it to show the kite. I only had my medium zoom lens on the camera and the kite flying was a long way of.

This is the second post in a row that has photos taken out of my office window. I may have to start a new blog called "Out My Office Window" with a daily photo.

The Office Window

Here is a look at the construction of two five unit apartments in front of the Government of Nunavut office. Bit of entertainment during work.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Another neat carving from Tukiki Manomie. We actually purchased the stone for this one.

Hall Beach

A few weeks ago I was in Hall Beach on duty travel. It was cold and blowing pretty hard but it wasn't keeping me from snapping a few photos. A few results are below.

This was spinning away in the wind. To bad we couldn't see some big windmills in the Hamlets producing power.
A view down the main street. The hotel is the building in the foreground to the right.
A very colorful community center
Must have run out of paint when they got to the front.

At the outskirts of town I came to the cemetery. Seemed very lonely and final.

Southern Treats

A friend of Michele's came to the Hamlet for work and brought a rare treat for her and others. We snagged three slightly melted treats of surgery goodness. Photos for prosperity.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Same Old Blog...Brand New Look

You may have noticed a couple of changes to the blog. I had gotten bored with the old look and was itching to spruce it up some. Call it a spring cleaning.

Color and layout are the obvious changes but I've also changed the sidebars. Gone are the sidebars 'Northern sites we like' and 'Labels'. I have added the blog list Nunavut Blogs, NWT Blogs, Yukon Blogs, South of 60 and Overseas Friends. I cleaned out some old blogs that have not been updated for more than a month or more. It felt like I was saying goodbye to old friends never knowing if we will meet again.

If your missing, in the wrong blog list or would like to be added, let me know and I'll change it or add your blog. I just ask for a return link but it isn't necessary. I'm always looking to expand my horizons by reading about different places from different points of view. If any Alaskan readers are coming by I would love to add an Alaska Blog list to the side so let me know your blog site.

Look a Blog Post!

I've been on a blogging hiatus for a couple of weeks because I've had no way to upload photos on the blog. I lost my USB cable for the camera. Since writing isn't my thing there hasn't been much point in blogging. I've found away around it now and will have several post show up pretty quick.

The photo below is the take one leave one bookshelves at the GN offices in Cape Dorset. The photo is in response to a challenge by the blog The Book Mind Set and the related challenge post can be found here. There is also a few magazines that are available. The quantities available vary and at the moment there wasn't enough to warrant photographing.

Better late than never!