Monday, January 25, 2010


 I tried archery for the first time about 15 years or so ago and this weekend I had the opportunity to go out again. Had some pain when the string slapped my arm above the armguard creating a wicked looking welt that is now settling in to be a pretty bruise. The way everyone else cringed at the slapping sound it probably would have hurt really bad if it had not gone instantly numb. My shoulder is a little stiff but not sore from the unaccustomed work. I did manage to get the only bullseye of the afternoon. I will be going back again and will try to get some photos of the arrow in flight.  Might keep score next time too.

Inside the school.  Many bad memories came back at this moment.

The bucket of arrows.

Behind the screening at the targets.  For some reason they wouldn't let me stay back here.

The actual foam targets.

My best grouping of shots.  I forgot to take a photo of my bullseye.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Thing in a Box

The best things come in boxes*. 

*Full Disclosure: No one paid me for the advertisement although I wish they would.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Northern Lights

I'm not having any luck getting good photos of the northern lights this year.  It's either overcast or I miss my opportunity to get them while they are bright.  It also doesn't help that my camera seems to have been damaged by the cold.  Photos taken in daylight seem to be okay but when the camera gets cold I'm getting a lot of artefacts like weird colors and lines showing up in the photos.  I'm the one to blame for that happeningand it's nothing a new camera won't solve.  Donations are accepted and appreciated.

The photos below are taken from my walk around town.

I love getting Orion in the photos.  The lights had faded to almost invisibility at this point.

I had to hide in the shadow of buildings to block as much of the street lights as possible.

Looking towards Kingait and Nipple Mountain.

The lines I'm talking about can be seen in the photo below if you look close.  This is after a short 6 second exposure and the last photo taken.

Once again I don't need much of an excuse to purchase a new camera.  :o)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Old Dog New Tricks

Dad and I were on a course together at the Arctic College. Not to many father and sons can say they were taking the same course at the same time in a northern remote community. Turns out we both are class clowns. LOL

If you get a minute head over to My Paper Heart and say hello. Iqaluit has another new blogger. Not sure what has happened to the Cape Dorset blogging community but we aren't the blogging capital anymore.

Also the Nunnies are back so head over to this Post to vote for the different categories. This blog wasn't nominated for anything so I'm not plugging for me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Community Dump

Went out for a drive around the outskirts of town hoping for a lucky polar bear photo but didn't see any. Did land out at the dump and took some photos of the fire and smoke. It is very rare to have open pit burning in the south anymore. Back in New Brunswick I don't remember any open pit dump after the early 90's. All the communities in Nunavut still have open pit dumps. Keep your fingers crossed that I will get some photos of Polar Bears while I'm holidaying this week.



Dad vs Dog

My parents are looking after a dog while the owner is south for the holidays. This is an entertaining video of Dad walking the dog or maybe the dog walking Dad.