Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Nunavut Blogs

Just because I'm travelling around southern Canada for a month doesn't mean I'm not keeping up with all the blogs. There are a couple of new blogs that are worth checking out.

The first one is Pangnirtung Bound. Nice to see another blogger heading to Pangnirtung.

The second is Shelter - The Journey to Nunavut .... They, like us, have cats. Must be good folks if they have cats. They currently have three videos that are very entertaining.

Yet another new Nunavut blog! Go see The Arctic Post . They are from Chesterfield Inlet. We've lost a few blogger's this year but seem to be more than recovering those losses. (Thanks Indigo)

Take a minute and pop over to their blogs and say hi.

PS: Hope to have some photos this week once I find a USB cord for the camera.


Unknown said...

and "the Arctic Post", new members in Chesterfield Inlet

Tara Muise said...

Thanks for the 'hello'! It's nice to hear some people are following.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

thanks for the shout-out!

glad you guys are enjoying the videos . . . especially the shots of the cats haha. they're such camera hogs!

Unknown said...

Christa in Gjoa Haven is another new Nunavut blog

Indigo said...

and "newbie in the north" another blog from Pangnirtung.

Sarah said...

Hi there----another new blog

Indigo said...

Man, the newbie blogers are out in fine force this fall. The Nunies should be fun.