Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sun Show

This is always my favourite time of the year in the North because the Sun is at the perfect height throughout the day to create the displays in the photo below.  This photo was taken at around 1:15 pm today as the sun was skirting along the horizon behind Nipple Mountain.  There was an incredible show this morning but by the time I got the snowmobile running, myself dressed and the camera up and running I had missed the sight.  Maybe tomorrow I might get lucky.  More to hopefully come.


MOM said...

Even more awsum to be here to see it!!!

Hilda said...

Just saw your message in CDP so came by for a visit and wow, I'm stunned. Cape Dorset is so different from Manila it seems like they're in totally different worlds. It's fascinating!

I hope you registered your blog in CDP so we'll see you in the portal thumbnails soon. Be safe, be warm, be good.