Monday, June 21, 2010

Inukshuk Point or Inuksuk Point

Reader submitted question:
So this is going to come out of the blue, but I'm helping out with a novel that's being written, and part of it is based in your area - would you mind if I asked a couple of questions? For example - how far it is from the Cape Dorset airport to Inukshuk Point (and would you have to travel by skidoo)?

Let me know if you need more information about Cape Dorset and surrounding areas.
I don't mind answering any questions about the area.  Let me know the name of the novel when it gets published so I can purchase it and show it to people and say "Hey I helped out with this novel!". LOL. No one would believe me anyway.

Inukshuk Point is located on Malliq Island (or Malliqjuaq Island). Although it isn't very far from the airport you would need to get there by snowmobile in the winter. You could walk there or use an ATV in the summer if you use the land bridge between Dorset Island and Malliqjuaq Island but would have to take into account the tides because the land bridge is only accessible during low tide and has an twelve hour tidal cycle. The body of water between Dorset and Malliq Island is called Tellik Inlet. Total distance is approximately 5 km. But I am guessing a bit. It has been called Inuksuk Point on the blog but it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong.

Have a look at the post Snowmobiling Day for a view of the area and some features on the way. Funny I don't have any more photos on the blog from the area. I may have more on my computer but it would take some time to find.

Let me know if you need more information about Cape Dorset and surrounding areas


ej said...

Excellent - thanks so much! If we have more questions (which we'd like to keep between us until the book is published), could we Email you?

Matthew & Michele said...

Leave me your email address here. Use this format. name at place dot location. Once you do that I'll send you an email and delete your comment.

David D said...

Not to interfere, but does ej mean the inukshuk near Cape Dorset, or the point way west of Cape Dorset where Huit Huit Tours takes you by sea? ( I was in Cape Dorset for work a few years back, and thought it would be a fantastic place to come back for a holiday - this this trip was something I wanted to do.
Cheers, and thanks for posting your great photos - David

Matthew & Michele said...

This is the area Huit Huit Tours takes you by sea. In the winter it is easily accesable by snowmobile. In fact when you go past them you know it is the area you enter the pressure ice to get back onto the main ice.

I actually work with the owners of Huit Huit tours. Timmun and Kristina Alariaq.

ej said...
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