Thursday, September 2, 2010

Large Inukshuk

You can find these large Inukshuk around Cape Dorset on high points around the communtiy.  The ones that resemble a person are called Inuksuk.
Must have taken some time to build this.

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Clare said...

As I understand the wording Inuksuk is the term for Inuit stone figures in general (plural is Inuksuit). Inukshuk is a variant spelling of it. The inuktitut word for the ones that resemble people is inunnguaq.

Often a large one in that formation is a cairn, which were left/started by mariners and other travelers, usually on high points of land. They served the function of a prominent location to leave messages, mail, and logs so others could find them, which if I'm correct meant dismantling it and building it again.