Sunday, October 30, 2011


I decided to get Photoshop Elements and have been doing some initial digging into the program.  Will start posting some photos in a bit.  Kind of let the blog go down hill this year but will get the quality and quantity back up to par soon.

Thanks for the continued patience.

Here is a photo from our vacation in August.

Me, Michele and a rock holding the camera.  Good times.

6 hours into a cross Canada drive.


MOM said...

Welcome back you two!!!
Love the picture, nothing like asking a "rock" to hold the camera!! Will be watching for more to come!!

Mark said...

Glad to see you posting again bro. Michele probably would have liked it better if 'The Rock' was taking the picture... :)

Anonymous said...

lol actually Vin Diesel does it for me....

Anonymous said...

and thanks for all your support! and you all know who you are :)

Morena said...

Welcome back... again! I have PS Elements and love it. Have fun.

Hello to Michelle for me.