Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Morning Commute

So I got one of those GoPro cameras and the first thing recorded is my morning commute.  There are three ways to get to work.  One is walk, two is to use an ATV and three is to use a snowmobile.  Snowmobiling is the funnest way in my opinion.  Have a look at the video or if you like hit this link to go directly to the video on YouTube.

Of course there is a fourth way but I hate having to beg for a ride.  :oP


Nancy said...

Fun video! I enjoyed it. It also reminded me why I am glad I don't usually work in the arctic around winter solstice. Eight-dark-thirty is really dark, even on south Baffin! I'm glad to see you looked both ways for the non-existent traffic, too.

Sarah said...

...Love your commute...thanks for sharing! :)

Bonnie said...

Nice to see still northern blogging...alot are not!

Matthew & Michele said...

Lot of the bloggers have moved over to twitter. Myself included.

I try to post once in a while but after this many years blogging it's hard to find origional material to blog about and photos to post. Also Michele and I aren't getting out as much as we used to. Darn toys keep breaking. lol. I want the blog to be about the north and it's uniqness and want to avoid daily drival being blogged about. Pleanty of blogs out there for that.

I would like to be posting more nothern light photos but the weather here has been awfull. It's always overcast.

Can also blame some lazyness on mypart for not posting like I was.