Thursday, December 21, 2006

Power, Food and Bears.

It has been an interesting couple of days. We were without power for 12 1/2 hours on Wednesday. I got the day of work but with no power no fun. The temp here is starting to fall with day time lows getting to almost -30. Lets forget about the wind chill. We got our first food mail delivery. We order food from a company in Quebec and they mail us the food. The freight is subsidized by the government so the weight only cost us about .80/lbs instead of about $5 plus (approx). Rumor has it there was a polar bear in the hamlet Wednesday morning in the RCValley but all of us on the hill didn't hear about it until this morning. The northern lights were out in force again and again we forgot to take pictures. Sorry next time. The sunrise today was at 10:00 am and sunset was at 2:00pm give or take a minute. Until next time have fun.


Curtis Groom said...

Hope you enjoy your northern experience as much as we have. You'll hear about the bears often but everything is relative, in town means many things, at a minimium of $100.00 a foot a bear in town will be seen being cleaned about 5 seconds after he enters. Its all we heard about in Repulse for months, the bear was in town, but no one ever saw it, but they knew someone who knew some who right there. And yet somehow every day a 50 hunters went out triing to get that bear but everyone came home empty. I wouldn't be afraid of anything in town limits, there are lots of eyes, and lots of hunters who will take care of problems before they become problems. In Baker we had a bear enter town... almost, he was shot about 200 yards before he got to the first house and there were at least a dozen hunters around the perimeter of town waiting for him to enter.
Take Care,
PS Try everything, things you never thought you'd do. And talk to locals, you can meet southerners anywhere but these people will embrace you if you take a interest. 2 years ago I was disgusted by the idea of hunting a animal for any reason, now I love the spirit you only discover between you and the animal in the hunt especially when they win.

Jaime said...

Hi Matthew and Michele!

My husband, Jeff, and I just discovered your blog today. We're always happy to find another blogger! We're pretty new to the north and to married life, too. We were married in late July and moved here a week later in August. We hope you like it in the north as much as we do!

We bookmarked your blog so we'll definitely be back. :)