Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Pang & Qik

Sorry about the abbreviations. We just stopped in Pangnirtung on the way to Qikitarjuaq but I did get a couple of good pictures. The picture on the right is of the famous Fiord. I had to sneak out on the runway to take it. We flew out of the fiord on the way back. I will have the return pictures at the end. Most of our time was spent in Qikitarjuaq so I shall continue from there.

This photo is of Qik and it is looking across the harbour from the hotel.
The 2 pictures below were for fun. I find the churches here to be interesting in that they are so plain and rundown. Most seem to have been built in the 50's and 60's. The arctic dog is the national animal and is the purest bloodline of dog in the world and make for a nice picture. This one is a stray and was sitting on the beach hoping to steal a meal.

The next photo is of a bench mark survey point I stumble over at the edge of the ice. I crawl over rock, snow and ice and trip over this. Only me.

This is a picture of a crack in the ice. It is about 8 ft deep. I did learn from this experience that you do not go out on the ice and walk were there are cracks in the ice. Somehow i managed to step over a crack under the snow when i went on, but did manage to find it when i walked back. Thankfully most cracks seem to taper so i only ended up about waist deep. With a bit of wiggling and cursing i was able to get out with only my pride wounded. So this will be the last and only picture of a crack in the ice you will see on this blog.

Here is a picture of several dog teams that arrived from a different community. There was a film crew with them. I didn't find out from where.

My next posting will have the pictures from the return trip to Pang. Less talk but more pictures. Mountains, glaciers and inukshuks.


MCpl Price said...

Cool picks bro, the crack in the ice reminded me of something funny..Remember the ice in the meadow below mom & dad's and the imfamous statement ' watch me be the one to fall through'......?

Anonymous said...

Great photos Matt. You're right, you would walk over a crack the first time only to fall into it later. Sounds like something I'd do. It sounds like you're having the high time up there...


Anonymous said...

They have some beautiful dogs up there, what a cute picture and the church, very well done!