Thursday, January 15, 2009

1st Aura Borealis Photos of 2009

Went out tonight to take some photos of the northern lights. Had to fight an ice fog that muted the brightness of the lights but I managed to get a couple of nice shots. I think the red is a reflection of the hamlet lights that are behind a hill and 2 km away. The red wasn't noticeable when we were there and I was using exposures of 60 seconds that probably picked up the hamlet reflection.

I finally got a photo with the Aura Borealis across the Orion constellation.


Anonymous said...

You'd never know there's ice fog in the picture. Good job!

Kennie said...

Awesome! I am so jealous of all of you that get to see the lights! I've seen them once (maybe twice.. wasn't too sure about the first time) since I've moved up here. So gotta move somewhere with more activity one of these days.

Kennie said...

Oh, btw ... what kind of lens are you using to nab the shots?

Matthew & Michele said...

I use an Olympus e-510 and I was using a 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 lens. The 14-42mm is a wide angle lens so I have a larger margin of error when I'm guessing were the camera is aimed. I then crop the photo for looks.

I also have a 70-140mm and a 70-300mm zoom lens. My next lens purchase will be a macro lens.

Olympus lenses are x2 when comparing to a film camera. 70-300mm is 140-600mm when compared to a film camera.

Yes I have the lens bug.


Anonymous said...

I am jealous to, don't get to see the lights often down south