Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Mommy is Here!

My Dad came up to work in Cape Dorset just over 1/2 a year ago and now has his own apartment. (Love ya Dad but glad you have your own place). So my Mom decided it was time for her to make the journey as well. They have rented out their southern home and plan to be up here for awhile. The arrival as told in Photos.

I've missed my Mommy.

The lights are on. Won't be much longer now.
I see a plane in the distance.
Taxing in.
Couple of relieved and happy faces. My Mom doesn't like to fly.
What a serious face. Smile Mom your in Cape Dorset!
I Love You Mom.


MOM said...

Thankyou for the welcome Matthew, I love you too!!!!!

Aida said...