Monday, June 1, 2009

IQ Day Continued...

Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit Day (IQ) turned out to be a cold, windy experience. Went to a different lake than I usually go to. This one had very little snow on the ice and you could see to the bottom. First time I ever got to see fish swimming by the hole. We were able to reuse holes already drilled making things much easier. Photos below.

More than fishing was happening and Mike got a goose.
Me holding the big fish. It was the largest until about an hour to go and Mike got one that was 1" bigger.
Close up of the behemoth. It tasted great. After laying on my belly for two hours looking down the hole I said "Screw this I brought a chair". The blue pad helped block the wind and let me be nice and cozy. They stopped making fun of me once I caught the above Arctic Char. I stayed at that hole all day while everyone else kept moving from hole to hole.
Shot of the some of the group and equipment at the lake.
Thanks goes out to Ken for the above photos.


Hunter said...

Congratulations on your catch and why does your fish look frozen?


Matthew & Michele said...

At the time of the photo the fish had been dead and laying on the ice for about an hour.

Ken wanted to take a photo of it with me and by that time it had stiffened up a bit.