Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Man Lands in M&M Face

I don’t usually draw much of the weird crowd to my blog. Most Google searches that land on my site are about the north or various communities. Surprisingly my blog post “Worst. Meal. Ever.” gets a lot of searches from someone in Ontario. (Whoever you are I’m sorry but the meal sucked monkey balls.) Another odd thing is when someone is searching for Qikitarjuaq my blog is the second option. I've spotted a couple of new ones that are “qiniq christmas” and “inuit IQ day”. The “qiniq christmas” one will take them to my “Letter to Qiniq” blog post. Sorry if you are an employee with Qiniq but I was having a bad day.

It seems today I got my first weird one called “man lands in m&m face”. Apparently some comedian guy landed in the singer M&M’s lap after a failed stunt at the MTV awards and gave him a face full of man but. I seen the highlight on the news and it looked to be staged to me but that is just one of many opinions that must exist about this fascinating subject. Anyway, when you do a search using ‘man lands in m&m face’ the third option is this blog site. Someone in San Francisco, California is now disappointed they didn’t get to see the musician M&M. On the other hand, hopefully they have discovered a whole new world in the North and have taken the time to explore the other great blogs linked to the right.

No matter how you manage to arrive in this little portion of the World Wide Web I say…

Enjoy and Thank You

The M&M of Cape Dorset


Anonymous said...

Some of the search words are pretty funny. Most of mine seem to be about things like traditional clothing, teaching in Nunavut, the sealift or the sea hunt issue. For the longest time though I"ve been getting searches for Jordan Tootoo and his girlfriend. Tootoo was here for a visit but that was more than 2 years ago. Either the identity of Tootoo's significant other is a hot topic I've just been oblivious too or the guy has a stalker.

artie said...

Well, I come looking for people in my time zone, Eastern Standard Time (EST). With my reader, I subscribe to blogs from Nunavut, Quebec, Ontario, Eastern USA, Haiti, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. If that tells you anything.

Why do read that way? I want to communicate with people who are conscious at the same time. People who share the same conscious day.


Matthew & Michele said...

I've started to get several variations on the M&M but in the face incident.

Welcome artie. Hope you enjoy the blog.


Gerald (SK14) said...

I don't often back-track on google searches but sometimes it is surprising where they lead.

artie said...

Well, I want to welcome you to our community. We who live in the longitude of approximately 75ºW, also live in the same time zone of Eastern Standard Time and we all have something in common. We all live through the same conscious day, every day.