Saturday, September 12, 2009

More New Nunavut Blogs

Wow what's going on this year. There are tons of new Nunavut Blogs this year to make up for the ones we are losing. Sure is sad to Nathan and Jen moving south again and we will be keeping up with them once Jen has a new blog up and running. Still a lot of bloggers from the Cape Dorset area. Take a moment to go check out these new Nunavut Blogs.

Northernbound Nurse - She is just starting the process of moving to Nunavut to work as a nurse and you can follow the adventure at her blog site. Hope she likes kids because there is lots of them in Arviat.

Newbie in the Arctic - Another blogger in Pangnirtung who has been blogging since February.

Christa in Gjoa Haven - Another maritimer who has relocated to Nunavut. As you can see by the title she is residing in Gjoe Haven.

Arctic-ulate - This blogger has lived in the north for the past three years but just started her first northern blog. She is a resident of Rankin Inlet. Hey I was just there a month ago.

I will have some photos from Ottawa up soon and will be back to northern related post soon. I got home this weekend but I'm leaving Monday on duty travel for the week.


Sarah said...

Hey thanks for mentioning me! And yes I love kids. I heard Arviat has the highest birth rate in Canada! Wowsers...I am getting excited.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention as well. I've been following Northern bloggers for over a year but have only now decided to try it myself.

Sarah said...

Hi guys! Thanks for the shout out! This northern blog community is pretty cool! I get to travel a lot with my job... and actually will be in Cape Dorset in a few weeks... perhaps we'll run into each other? Who knows!! Have a great day! Cheers! Sarah