Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cape Dorset Whale Hunt

After a two week hunt in Cape Dorset the local hunters finally got a Bowhead Whale.  It was caught at noon on Tuesday and was at the beach by 9:30 pm the same day.  Butchering started immediately because even with a couple of loaders and a dozer they couldn't drag the 50 ton animal to the high water mark.  Once the tide came in butchering was abandoned until low tide the next day.  The photos below are from Wednesday.

My first look at the whale.

Most of the Muktuk has been stripped of the whale.

The tale is huge and a delicacy.

View of the head.  The hairy stuff is the baleen.  The white you see inside the mouth is the tongue.

Ummm, ahhhhh.  You figure it out.

The fin is coming off.  The black part is all head.

Kids playing in the mouth.

The whale is a big event in the community.  Here is a bus unloading kids to see the whale.

My favourite shot.


Sarah said...

...Awesome photos! thanks for sharing them...I has been hoping it would happen while I was in Cape Dorest--guess I picked the wrong week to be there eh?

Matthew & Michele said...

You just missed it Sarah.

Shelley said...

I'm stunned at the size and amount of is baleen that looks like fringe? huuuugeee

Anonymous said...

hi these photos would be great in the Nunatsiaq News! why don't you send two or three (about 1 mg is good) to

Anonymous said...

Nice pics bro and welcome back.

Aida said...

great pics, though i am giggling a bit at the buses, you guys still have! and even Iqaluit has no buses..LOL

rik said...

cool and gross

call me any night after 9