Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Northern Lights

I'm not having any luck getting good photos of the northern lights this year.  It's either overcast or I miss my opportunity to get them while they are bright.  It also doesn't help that my camera seems to have been damaged by the cold.  Photos taken in daylight seem to be okay but when the camera gets cold I'm getting a lot of artefacts like weird colors and lines showing up in the photos.  I'm the one to blame for that happeningand it's nothing a new camera won't solve.  Donations are accepted and appreciated.

The photos below are taken from my walk around town.

I love getting Orion in the photos.  The lights had faded to almost invisibility at this point.

I had to hide in the shadow of buildings to block as much of the street lights as possible.

Looking towards Kingait and Nipple Mountain.

The lines I'm talking about can be seen in the photo below if you look close.  This is after a short 6 second exposure and the last photo taken.

Once again I don't need much of an excuse to purchase a new camera.  :o)

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