Monday, January 25, 2010


 I tried archery for the first time about 15 years or so ago and this weekend I had the opportunity to go out again. Had some pain when the string slapped my arm above the armguard creating a wicked looking welt that is now settling in to be a pretty bruise. The way everyone else cringed at the slapping sound it probably would have hurt really bad if it had not gone instantly numb. My shoulder is a little stiff but not sore from the unaccustomed work. I did manage to get the only bullseye of the afternoon. I will be going back again and will try to get some photos of the arrow in flight.  Might keep score next time too.

Inside the school.  Many bad memories came back at this moment.

The bucket of arrows.

Behind the screening at the targets.  For some reason they wouldn't let me stay back here.

The actual foam targets.

My best grouping of shots.  I forgot to take a photo of my bullseye.