Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cape Dorset Prints

Tonight was the annual Cape Dorset print show.  Since there is only one of each print to chose from the print shop has a bag with numbers in it that everyone reaches into to determine who goes first.  Lowest number first.  As my turn approached the numbers coming out of the bag were large (50,48,46,34,38, etc) and I mentioned with all these large numbers coming out it should only leave the small ones.  When my hand came out of the bag it was holding number one!  So with that advantage I chose print number 34 Vigilant Wolves.  It's one of the prints that is sold out across Canada.  Several people at the show were disappointed it was gone.  The two purchased prints are below and the sizes are in cm. 

#34 - Vigilant Wolves by Tim Pitsiulak - Lithograph 28.5x77 50/50

#26 - Flip Flop by Ohotaq Mikkigak - Stonecut & Stencil 35x41 50/50


Mark said...

Congats bro. Those are nice prints.

Anonymous said...

your luck may be changing, cool prints

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

They are both lovely prints. I am very partial to wolves so I prefer the first one.

Holidays in Dorset said...

Cute ones! I love 'em..