Friday, April 24, 2009


I was just over reading the blog Just Below 63 and they had received information from the east cost and the address on the envelope had Saskatchewan downgraded to a city in Alberta. That got me to thinking of a conversation I had with an Easterner on our last vacation to New Brunswick.

It sort of went like this...

Easterner - Your back. How are things in Alberta?

Me - I don't live in Alberta.

Easterner - Well...where ever it is your working in the oil fields out "there".

Me - I don't work in the oil field and I don't live in the western Provence's.

Easterner - Where ever it is you work then!

Me - I work in Nunavut with the government.

Easterner - What country is that?

Me - *sigh* I work out west in the oil field.


Tina said...

Hehehehehehe. So true though, isn't it??

Hunter said...

We may live in different countries, but people are sure the same all over.

I had a discussion with a snow bird who was shocked to see a whale off our shore on April 18th. She "knew" that whale season ended April 15th. She knew this because it says so in the brochures and she'd been coming here for fifteen years and had never seen a whale stay late.

I finally told her she was right. The big, black, huge thing jumping out of the water was actually a dolphin. She smiled and said, "I knew I was right."



Shelley said...

great story, I just tell people aim for Greenland, hang a left.

Anonymous said...

Funny story. I am an American and even I know what Nunavut is. Some of my friends know (though it may have been because I told them and/or they're studying geography). I like how they have Fords in Nunavut.