Saturday, April 18, 2009


There was a fire in Iqaluit today in a multi-unit apartment behind Arctic Ventures. I was just sticking my camera out the window to take some photos of people wind skating on the bay when I noticed this happening. The photos were taken from the 5th floor of the Frobisher Inn. Hope no one was hurt in the fire.

First firetruck has arrived at the blaze.

Firefighters just starting to lay on the water.
Getting closer to the door. Look at the smoke!
Another look at the smoke and the gathering onlookers.

Another firetruck heading to the fire.
At this point some firefighters have entered the building.
After a about an hour after the first photo the fire looks like it is under control.
At this time (20:23) the fire is completely out and it looks like there is still some firefighters at the scene. I'm guessing it is the fire inspectors.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I know that area a little bit. Looks like the damage was contained the entrance from what I can see. Still, any sort of fire in the North especially is never a good thing. Hope no one was hurt.

towniebastard said...

That's actually really close to where we live. Then again, the Snack burned down and that was right next door to where we live. Still, mildly spooky, moreso as we're not in Iqaluit right now.

Hope nobody was hurt in the fire.

Kennie said...

Jeepers! That's kinda scary. That's always been one of my fears living in a multi-plex .. the 'what if my neighbors place goes up in flames ... what will happen to mine?'.

Hope no one was hurt.

jen said...

Hey Matt you got some great photos (not that the fire was great, but you captured it well), you should think about sending them to the paper!

Aida said...

wow scary, i know exactly where that is, hope no one was hurt.