Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blogging Vacation

I have been on a blogging vacation. I have been very busy at work and have been travelling alot in the last couple of months. I just haven't had the energy or motivation to blog. In fact I leave again Friday for seven days and will be heading to Hall Beach and Igloolik. I do have some things to blog about and will try to get them out before I leave on Friday.

Here's a bit of what has been happening:

There won't be a Pangnirtung Part two because I had a food allergy attack while I was there and was just to sick to get out and explore. I didn't miss any work time but it was unpleasant. Such is life. I did go back to Pangnirtung for a different reason but was only there overnight and had lots to do in a short time. There is a token photo below.

Michele's Mom came in today to visit and will be staying for about a month or so. I will be posting some photos later this week. She is very excited.

A future post will have some photos from being out on the land. I have been out a lot but haven't been taking the camera with me. I will be more disciplined in the future because every time we go out I always say "That would be a good photo and that would be a good photo. Gee I wish I had my camera with me". LOL.

Thanks to the folks that stop by on a regular basis and I will be up to normal blogging soon.


bea's blog said...

Hello again...
some Suddenly-Summer-Greetings from Hamburg, Germany ✿
Real unexpected we have already summerwether here, but it will not last...
What a lovely photo!!! Like to look at your pix, I am always thrilled by those arctic reflections!!!
Hope your allergy will not come back; must be dreadful...
Beatrice ✿

Desiree said...

Slacker!!! LOl, have fun in Igloolik!!