Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Northern Bloggers

During my blogging break a couple of new bloggers have started in the north.  One is in Western Nunavut and the other is in Eastern Nunavut. 

The first new blogger is Onwards Upwards.  She has left British Columbia to live in Cambridge Bay Nunavut.  The journey from south to north started in September for her and the blog recounts the excitement and stresses of making the move.  She is now fully moved in and the pets are safe.

The second blogger has two blogs.  The first one is !!HIRE YOUR OWN CHEF FOR A DAY!!  and after seeing the photos I now have to get a snack.  If you're in Iqaluit and need a caterer this is your lady.  The second blog is NANNY......NORTH...... and is Joyce's personal blog.  She is currently dealing with the death of a child and the post are very heart wrenching.    

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Cambridge Bay Bound Peoples said...

Thanks for the mention Matt! We love your pictures, you take some amazing ones! And my man works for CGS here in Cambridge of course. Cheers!