Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poker Construction

We have an active group of poker players in Cape Dorset and have been playing Texas Hold 'em for several years.  Last night we had the last member of the original group leave for a new job and everyone who plays on the regular Saturday night showed up for the send of game.  It's not a high stakes game but a way for everyone to get together for a fun, social, and cheap night.

We have been playing on a small octagon table for years and a couple of us came up with the idea of getting a new table to accommodate the larger group of players that show up on a regular basis.  We had the plywood donated by one player and the labour for the construction was provided by me.  The material had to be purchased and shipped from the south so every night we take a small percentage of the pot until it's paid for.  That way everyone pays.

There are some defects but they are only visible if you really look for them.  If a second one is ever built it will be done a bit different and should be done faster.  Everyone liked the table and was very enjoyable to play on.  Overall a very nice first attempt.

The finished product with some poker paraphernalia below.

If they don't find you handsome they better find you handy!


Anonymous said...

Matthew, Thanks for the info on Cape Dorset. We (my family and I) recently moved here and your colourful descriptions and photos have been great.


Richard in Cape Dorset

Morena said...

Nice Job!

Aunt Kathy said...

Matt, the poker table turned out wounderful, I love it, guess I worried for nothing. Did you have a lot of material left over? Awesome job! People will have you doing one for them. LOL!