Saturday, October 18, 2008

5 Minutes - 3 cats

Five minutes in the life of our three cats.
I am sweetpea and I am the prettiest cat ever. You may now gaze at me but don't you dare touch me.
Can't you see I'm now in my box! Leave me alone!

Awwww man. Can't you see I'm sleeping. Whats with the flashy thingy. You know my name is Alfie.

If you're not going to feed me then let me go back to sleep.
What's going on? Take my picture? Is that some dust? Is that a TV? My name is Bandit!!
All I ever want is to be the center of attention and some Love.


Anonymous said...

too cute, they are sure lookin healthy

bea's blog said...

~ ♥ ~
So cute and beautiful.
Mine is similar! Have a look!
Are they Maine Coons or
Couldn't imagine being a day without a cat...
~ ♥ ~
Enjoy your Sunday

Anonymous said...

awe nice post dad. one of your best

Anonymous said...

My cat could be twins with yours... It's astonishing. Does SweetPea not like pats? My Leroy likes hugs when no one is looking, but if there is guests, he's a mean lil man.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! do you tell them apart?

Matthew & Michele said...

We don't know if they are Main Coons or not. They have the markings and the personality traits common with Main Coons. Sweetpea and Bandit don't have the size but Alfie does. He's huge.

Like twins they are easy to tell apart when you know them.