Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holidays are here

We leave for holidays tomorrow. We start in New Brunswick then move on to the Caribbean cruise the end of November. We will try to do updates as the holidays continue but don't be surprised if we don't. I also have some things to blog about that I haven't had the time to sit down and write about them. So maybe I will have the time now.

The weather has been bad the last few days but the weather forecast says clearing tomorrow. If we get delayed it won't affect Michele because she is staying a couple of days in Iqaluit. On the other hand I am travelling straight through and if we get delayed it's going to cost me some coin to change. Dam you Air Canada.

Wish us luck.


Shelley said...

Happy holidays, hope the weather co operates!

MargaretJ said...

Don't forget to write about your "worst meal in a restaurant ever"!

Nahant, Mass

Matthew & Michele said...

I am trying to post on the blog but I'm condemned to dial up. The worst part is it's starting to seem fast. The worst meal in a restaurant ever is a blog post I hope to post while I'm holidaying.

Anonymous said...
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