Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Back!!

I made it back from Iqaluit. Some quick notes from the trip:

- Had the worst meal in a restaurant ever. That is for another post.

- Got stuck an extra day in Iqaluit because of weather in Cape Dorset.

- Amazing how nice it is to get home after being away for a week.

- Michele and I will be heading south for holidays on Friday. I make it the entire way on Friday but she gets to spend the weekend in Iqaluit.

- Amazing how many people I know in Iqaluit now. Still haven't met any fellow bloggers in Iqaluit yet. We should try to arrange a bloggers met and greet sometime. It would be fun to meet the other bloggers from all over the territory face to face.

Photo of a truck in Iqaluit painted to resemble Herby the love bug. Guess you can call this the love truck.


Aida said...

would the meal happened to be at the nova hotel's restaurant? they took 45 minutes to get my husband's medium rare steak all was ridiculous..wont go there again.

Matthew & Michele said...

You guessed correct. You win a prize!!

Well you don't win a prize but you are correct.

45 minuites wow he got his fast.