Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vacation 08 - Anagance

I will try to get all the vacation post out of the way this week and get back to Cape Dorset post again. This will be broken up into several post. Most likely it will be Anagance (this post), Mexico, Grand Cayman Island, Jamaica, couple of animal post and finally some ship photos. The blog has gotten a bit wordy lately so the vacation posts will be more photo orientated.

The swamp I grew up playing in.

Memories of fishing off the bridge.
My brother and I spent hours playing on these tracks growing up.
My grandparents were the original owners of this house and it is one of the first homes built in Anagance. It will be just an empty lot next time I visit. Lots of memories.

Fundy National Park. This photo is from the Caribou trail.

I didn't see the resemblance.

I've missed the cattails and...

.... the pine trees.

I'm guessing most folks miss their original homes. It's was nice to visit again.


Jennith said...

I so know this place... I'm sure I've seen the Anagance sign... my not quite inlaws live in Knightsville... well mount pisgah...its a small world eh.

Matthew & Michele said...

Yes it is a small world. Knightsville is "just back the road" from Anagance and just after Anagance Ridge.

A local joke is when someone asks where Anagance is we always tell them it is between Knightsville and Portage Vale.