Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vacation 08 - Mexico

Our first stop on the cruise was in Mexico. We actually stopped at an island of the coast but our trip to the Mayan ruins was on mainland Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. We boarded a ferry to the mainland and it became affectionately called the Vomit Comet by the passengers. I don't get motion sick but hearing that many people be sick will turn any one's stomach a bit sour. Neither Michele or I got sick but Michele was close.

We didn't have much time at the ruins which was disappointing but I still managed to take a couple hundred photos. Since I started reading National Geographic as a kid it has been a dream to see the Mayan ruins. I can now mark that one of my list. A few photos are below and some more from this trip will show up in the animal posts.

The lovely ladies I got to travel with. From left to right it is Michele, Diana (Mom-in-law), Jackie (Sis-in-law), Kaleigh (Niece). Gary's (Brother-in-law) leg can just be seen at the edge of the photo. The ship we were on in on the left called the Liberty and it's sister ship Freedom is on the right.
The water color was amazing.
The next few photos are of the ruins.

The scenery was beautiful.
Every time I photographed a plant it has spider webs all over it. Most I didn't notice until I looked at the photo's on the computer.
I was doing some advertising for Nunavut. I finally had to stop wearing it because people were constantly asking me were it was or what was it. It's amazing when a Canadian is asking were it is and an American from California pipes up and tells them were it is. *sigh*
Anyone need a bottle of Mother-in-law? No? Well I guess we'll keep her then.
A lot of the walls in Mexico were covered in glass to keep people from going over the top. Some of them were very pretty.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is Wow! very stunning! The Mayan Ruins are definitely on my list of places to see and experience.