Friday, December 19, 2008

Vacation 08 - Grand Cayman Islands

The second stop of the cruise was in the Cayman Islands. Specfically the biggest of them which is the Grand Cayman Island. All we did here was hang out on 7 mile beach and soak up the rays. I actually fell asleep and thankfully Michele had the forsight to put an umbrella over me. The only thing I got burned was my feet. We didn't go to the town of Hell but we half way there. You could say we went half way to hell and back. :)

The Cayman Islands are home to about 500 banks and everyone drives on the wrong side of the road. Very disconcerting when your sitting in the passanger seat of the van.

One of the available tours was to go on a pirate ship. The ship would come up to the cruise lines and fire of a cannon and demand our surrender. Great fun.
This is how you risk destroying your camera. Made for a great shot.
Seven mile beach.
Cruise lines in the distance.
Just for fun. This is actually the name of a famouse slave and pirate on the island.


bea's blog said...

★*¨¨*★ This is just great to follow your trip ★ Seems you saw much and had a great time ★ So enjoy your weekend back home now ★*¨¨*★
Beatrice from

Matthew & Michele said...

Thanks Beatrice. There is still a few post to come. Jamacia, Miami Marina, animal shots and some ship and Cuba shots.

We did and seen a lot in a short time.