Friday, April 11, 2008

Northern Lights

I have been out to take pictures of the Northern Lights on a couple of occasions and have developed (no pun intended) a passion for it. I can be -40C but when the lights come out you don't notice anything but the lights and where the next picture should be taken. The darker photos below are my first attempt. The funny colors come from the street lights that were behind me. Made for unusual pictures. The lighter colored photos were taken on my second attempt and were taken during the full moon. Almost look like they were taken in daylight. My favorite photo of the lights is posted on the "It's Been How Long?" blog entry. So go back to the entry and enjoy it one more time. The opportunity to take more pictures of the Northern Lights is almost gone because we are getting close to 24 hours of light. Even now it isn't getting dark until after 9:00 PM and the spring weather keeps it overcast most of the time. I will keep trying. Enjoy the photos below.

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