Saturday, April 5, 2008


The family is good. Michele has a new job at the Cape Dorset hamlet office as the director of social services. A very demanding job but one she can do. I am still working for the Government of Nunavut and still loving it. Our daughter Rachelle has moved out, :( or :), depends how you look at it. She is in Yellowknife woking as a legal secretary at a law office. I got a chance to visit her in Yellowknife on a recent working trip I was on (more on that later). We do miss her a lot.

We did have some bad news over the last year. Michele's aunt Emma past away when we were in New Brunswick on holidays. She had sat on a students chair which broke under her then struck her head. She past on the way to the hospital from bleeding in her brain. She will be greatly missed by the family and community.

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