Monday, August 4, 2008

Puppies & Cats

Once again sorry about being sporadic with the blogging. My cold seems to almost be over with and eventually the weather will get better. Since the eclipse it has been very foggy broken up occasionally with a heavy downpour of rain. A couple of animal photos below.

This pack of puppies greeted us Friday morning on our way to work. One and possible two of them is definitely the spawn of Brutus, the community dog.

We recently got a new chair and our cats love it. Below Bandit (back) and Alfie (front) are having an issue with who owns the chair.


Anonymous said...

awe to cute.

bea's blog said...

Hei from Europe,
I could have adopted all three right away....aren't they cute!!!!?
The cats are beauties; mine is similar and I love er tons!
Such an interesting blog you have, many things to learn and very good photos.
You are welcome to drop into mine as well. My main blog is:!
Wishes from our probably last summer Sunday overhere,