Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're Still Moving

We just got all the heavy stuff in the house. Freezer, chair, big TV, TV cabinet, pop machine and dishwasher. I am pretty sure I pulled something. Thanks to the fellows who came out to help and the extra vehicles. We made it in one trip then went back to get the snow machine. All hands on deck for that one. I will post some photos of the house once we are settled in.
The very first load on Saturday. Dad and the mayor Fred are leaning on the truck. And I'm the government worker!

Daddy's little helper Sweetpea.


Anonymous said...

Poor kitty!!

bea's blog said...

....looks like mine!
What a beautiful sight!
European Greetings

Aida said...

good luck! we moved to 3 different house since we came here in Feb 2007..and i dont know why we always hv to move in