Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Poofect Gift

When this Christmas went by I was disappointed that a gift wasn't under the tree from my niece Kaleigh because I was told she specifically picked it out for me and I had never received a gift from her before. I was very excited and curious to see it.

Well last night, after moving, a package came for my Dad and Michele. Once again nothing for me. :(. But wait......when Michele opens her package an item was inside it for me. The missing gift from Kaleigh!!

Earlier this week, as I was catching up on the blogs, I came across a post from Tales from the Arctic regarding a toy that poops candy called the Poo-Lar Bear. I smiled and thought that is the kind of thing I would like to have. Well, low and behold, that is the gift the Kaleigh got me. Lots of laughter and giggling as I made it poop out it's little candy.

It has been a rough week moving and the new house is in a mess with the unpacking. This is just what I needed. Thank you Kaleigh I am very touched.

No..Bad Poo-Lar Bear not on the TV.
(Even more giggling)


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I am quite jealous! Perhaps if I am good Santa will bring me one this year!

Dreama said...

too funny! I have a penguin that