Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Mixed Bag of News

Not much has been going on so this is a mixed bag of odds and ends over the last few days.

Yesterday a polar bear was rumored to be in town. I got to see lots of people running all over the place to see the bear but never actually got to see the bear myself. I sometimes question if there actually was a bear because I can’t find anyone who seen it with their own eyes or a photo of said bear. I usually get “I didn’t see it myself but a friend of my second cousin twice removed has a brother in law who has a friend of a friend who saw it”. Briefly it was rumored the bear was on the ridge running along the road. This was a bit nerve wracking because I was walking home on the road. Turns out it was just a white sled dog.

I noticed there was a Coast Guard ship in town while I was at the new lagoon. I later found out it had been in town for a couple of days. Guess I need to get out more. If it is still around tonight I will get some photos. My being at the lagoon is work related. Not something I usually go out of my way to do for fun.

There is a large group of people in from a group teaching digital photography and video to the community’s youth. It looks like we are a vibrant tourist town instead of the art capital of Canada. I hope the kids take full advantage of the program over the course of the next couple of days. Photography is a very fun hobby that can be fairly inexpensive to get into. If the passion continues then a person can move up to some nicer equipment. A lot of the photos on this blog were taken with a cheap $80 digital camera. Although I did move up the gear quality scale last year and will never go back.

I am still planning on doing a blog post regarding the adventure we had in purchasing a house here in the north. I think it will be done in three post covering finding, offering and purchase of the house. As a sneak preview the entire process has dragged on for most of this year with the purchase step now in its third month. That’s right we actually still don’t own the house we are currently living in but we finally have a stack of paperwork to review and sign.

We are now 31 days from our holidays not including today.

Talk with you folks later. :o)

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