Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snow Bunting

It has taken me all summer but I finally got a photo of a snow bunting. I don't have a super long telephoto lens (at least not yet) and I have to get close to my target to get a good photo. The snow buntings (snowflakes) are very skittish and hard to sneak up on. Yesterday morning several of them were on the ground outside our windows and I snapped several photos. The problem is glass is hard to get a good photo through and this is the only photo that turned out even moderately good. Once again I know there is some avid bird watchers in the Arctic blogging world so please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.


Shelley said...

Nice picture! They don't sit around for long and are very difficult to photograph.

bea's blog said...

Amazing that you already have little snow!
It is still late summer here, although temps were already down to freezing point some nights...
cute little birdie!!
European Regards