Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Denmark in My Heart

As I was checking out the traffic feed (yes I'm addicted) one of the hits was from the medieval capital of Denmark, a place called Roskilde. Coincidentally we received an old photo from my Mom last night with a picture of my Grampie and his brothers in it. All were born in Denmark and immigrated here through Ellis Island in New York with their parents. From there they went to Quebec, Canada then settled in southern New Brunswick. Grampie was 8 years old when he arrived in New Brunswick. I have always missed my Grampie John and the picture brought back some very good memories of him. These were some big men back in the day. There is a few stories I've heard over the years about their size and strength. Grampie was 6'4" and strong as an oxen.

From left to right. Gunner Ravn (youngest), Olaf Ravn (Oldest), John Ravn (Grampie). We think the little girl in the background is Olaf's oldest daughter. I definitely inherited my grampies hair and size (I am a couple of inches shorter).

(Thanks Mom)
There is one brother, Peter, and two sisters Ellen and Sara not in the photo. Peter was the oldest of the brothers. Gunner died last year and was the last surviving brother. Sara is not spelled wrong. In danish sara is spelled without the H.

"Jeg elsker dig Grampie and Grammy"


Anonymous said...

I think I got that same visitor too. I wouldn't mind visiting Denmark one day in the future.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Matt-----
There is one brother missing from the pic, Uncle Peter, he was the oldest, then Olaf, Grampie John and Uncle Gunner. There were two girls, Aunt Ellen and Aunt Sara.
I am hoping I can access more photos, as I don't have any. The pic brought back a lot of memories for me to.