Saturday, July 4, 2009

Duck Eggs

Michele had the opportunity to go boating with friends and she came back with some duck eggs. Mom used some of them to make donuts and after several taste tests they do taste different than using eggs from the store. But in a good way. An Inuk friend told Michele to try eating a couple after they have been frozen. Apparently it is like eating ice cream.


bea's blog said...

Hei again...!
They look very special and I can imagine they are tasty! Also they look a bit like my froggies I have just posted, ha!
Have a nice weekend...
Old World Greetings

Tina said...

Frozen raw eggs? Guess I'd have to see that to believe it. :)

Matthew & Michele said...

Michele's friend sure made it seem like it would be good.

MOM said...

Best doughnuts are made with duck eggs, think it because there is so much more to them than regular hen eggs, they make what you bake lighter, my hips are enjoying the doughnuts, thanks Michele!!!!!
Froze one, haven't got brave enough to try it yet!!!lol

Hunter said...

Raw eggs frozen?

Live and learn.

I'll be anxious to hear how they taste.


Matthew & Michele said...

Michele will have to be the one to test out the frozen egg thing. I can't because I'm alergic to eggs. Mix two eggs into a cake or a batch of cookies and I'm fine but to eat just the egg....not good.

Welles Tan said...

Interesting photos and blogging!