Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Like Father Like Son

My Mom took the photo below of Dad and me leaning on the railing at the Government of Nunavut building in Cape Dorset. Now your first thought may be look at the lazy government employees but this photo was taken at about 10 minutes left to go at lunch. So the next question logically would be why are we leaning on the railing? Well we both left to eat lunch at Dad and Moms apartment and left our jackets behind with our keys in them. We had to wait for someone to come along and unlock the door for us. Yep like Father like Son.

Note. The little guy is Dad.
On the Maxim magazines top 100 feared men of all time, Dad's ranked in at 38th. What shriveled up old Bastard can still put the fear of God in you.

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MOM said...

LOL, so true Matthew.....surprised the photo turned out, I was laughing at the two of you so badly!!!!