Monday, February 23, 2009

Facebook & Shame

Well tonight I started the long process of deleting myself from the realm of Facebook. I have deleted all my messages, photo albums, status photo, friends and personal information. The account is deactivated but not deleted. I will have to jump through some more hoops to have that done.

Some folks are asking me why? How can you live without it?

I have never been comfortable with the information that Facebook gathers on its members and what it keeps trying to do with it. Eventually they will find a way to steal it and use the information put on its site and they will not stop trying. Their most recent attempt is still fresh in my mind.

Funny enough it was what has happened tonight while cleaning off my profile that truly shows why Facebook is so insidious. In order to have Facebook delete your profile you have to completed eliminate all information on your profile and then contact them to delete it. I put a message at the top to tell everyone on my friends list what I was doing and then started to do so. Part of this was deleting all my personal information and as part of this I shut off my relationship status. Facebook then posted on everyone site that my married status was now changed not shut off. In most cases this would have lead to some jokes from the friends and family that know Michele and I and I did receive some funny post and a couple of question to make sure. Ha ha. This leads to the part I'm talking about.

Facebook decided to post on everyone site that Michele and I were no longer had Marriage status. I then received a call from my daughter in hysterics asking what was going on. To Facebook for doing that SHAME ON YOU.....SHAME ON YOU*. That was a despicable thing to do.

Thank you for assuring my decision to delete my profile on Facebook was the correct one.

*I origionally had posted that someone had contacted my daughter with the information but I was wrong she had read it at work on Facebook.
** Rachele you should be focusing on your work and not playing online. :o)
*** Everyone got upset but we are all having a big laugh now.


Anonymous said...

I got rid of facebook a few months ago. I thought it would be a lot harder living without it since I used it so much as a communication tool, but I found life actually got better without it.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

For future reference you can go into your privacy setting and uncheck all the things you don't want your friends to see, like you relationship status'.

Anonymous said...

Heck all you need to do is unleash your account to my hubby. He has somehow deleted my entire profile with the click of one button. Poof, gone. I even messaged the FB gods via his account and haven't got an answer. My account, all my info/pics/everything is g-o-n-e. Too bad I didn't want it gone! :)

virtualredhead said...

One problem that I ran into when I ended my relationship with my boyfriend of three years is that if your statuses are linked, (ie, Dick is in a relationship with Jane), then if Dick changes his status to single, it appears to facebook as if Jane has just entered a NEW relationship, and goes about announcing it to the world. AWKWARD.

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