Monday, February 16, 2009

Pond Inlet

Some photos from my trip to Pond Inlet. Pond Inlet is known for having some of the best weather in Nunavut. Unfortunately both times I've been there the weather has been bad. I stayed at the Black Point Lodge Hotel for the first time and had an enjoyable stay. I didn't get out much during the day time hours because I was there to work so I snapped some quick photos during lunch. It was very cold and a persistent ice fog was present the whole time.

Mountains on the horizon poking out of the ice fog.
There was a lot of dog teams out on the ice in the distance.
The big zoom means I didn't have to walk all the way out to get a photo. You may call me lazy but I would have had to make this journey in the dark on unfamiliar land. Not going to happen.
Huge crack in the ice below the Lodge. You can see snow machine tracks along the edge of it for scale.
One of the nice things about a thick ice fog is you get a very fragile frost over everything.
A future photo frame.
The frost would break off if you breathed on it to hard.


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures of the ice crystals

Anonymous said...

Hey glad you had a good trip to Pond. We call it GOD's Country. Cape Dorset may have carvings but Pond has the best View in the north.