Friday, February 27, 2009

Night Lights

After a week of fighting with stomach flue the northern night lights came out to put a nice ending to the week. I went from thinking I was going to die Tuesday morning to wishing I would die Tuesday afternoon but all is good now. Highly recommended if your looking to lose a couple of pounds fast. Enjoy a few of the photos from tonight below. None of them have been edited, just straight from the camera to you.

Michele standing before the show. Red glow is from the Hamlet.

Matthew standing before the lights.

The lights were bright enough to reflect in the snow after just a 10 second exposure.

Picked up some color. 3.5 second exposure.


jen said...

Great photos Matt! I'm kicking myself I didn't get out tonight. I went outside to check them out, took a look and thought they looked pretty ghetto so I stayed in. Perhaps I shall drag my butt out...but it's sooo cold!

Matthew & Michele said...

It is cold out. I only snapped a dozen photos before I had enough and the one battery I took with me died. The lights look great once you get out of the hamlet. Would have gone back out but I don't have any headlights in the snowmachine and Michele won't drive me out again tonight.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...


bea's blog said...

Hei again...
just lovely!
How I wish to see them myself one day!!!!
So great pix, thanx for sharing and -
glad you came back to life after stomach flu; I know it can make you suffer.
Greetings from good old Europe
Beatrice ♥

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss the lights!