Monday, February 16, 2009

First Blizzard

We had our first blizzard of the year for Cape Dorset on Sunday. Wasn't a bad one but Environment Canada says it's a blizzard then it's a blizzard. We stayed indoors today only wonder out long enough to take the photos below.
The vehicle Michele uses from the Hamlet.

I was able to snap a photo with the flash to attempt freezing the action. It gives a better representation of how hard it is to see in the middle of a blizzard.

Another view of the Hamlet.


bea's blog said...

Hei again...
and thanx for those special shots!
Real enchanting.... :))
It snowed here all day yesterday, but starting to melt off again today. Winter is quite up and down here; just wet and cool and gray and foggy... :(
Stay well!
Beatrice from Europe

Aida said...

first blizzard? man, i need to move where they are mountains! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I miss home....
I wanna come home soon...
Love you

Anonymous said...

do I want to live there-----although NB could compete this year---10th blizarn on the way for tomorrow