Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Cape Dorset Blog

There is a new blogger in Cape Dorset. The blog name is Diary of a Mad(wo)man and is written by Desiree.

Just click on the link and head over and give her a warm welcome to the Nunavut blogsphere.



Unknown said...

must be as many, if not more, bloggers now in CD as in AB!!!

Kennie said...

Uh-oh ... looks like Clare, Darcy and I might have to go on a recruiting spree :-)

Matthew & Michele said...


Blake hasn't been posting so we may only be holding the curretn level.

Desiree said...

Lol, let it be said here and now that I make no promises about whether or not it will be a GOOD blog...

Matthew & Michele said...

You've read some of my blog right?

bea's blog said...

thanx for the hint!
Have some news here too:
don't you like to participate in
Fotosafari? (May I asked before...)
Have a lovely weekend
from Europe