Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Waterfall Hike

Tonight we hiked to the waterfall since the weather is so nice. We did cheat a little and drove to the other side of Dead Dog Lake but we did get some exercise on the hike the rest of the way. Enjoy the photos of the hike below.

This is a small cascade of water on the way to the big falls.
This hole in a rock just mesmerized me. Simple things for .....

Finally we came around the corner to get our first look of the waterfall this year. Just as entrancing as we remembered. Still a lot of snow to the right of the falls but in another month it should be melted.

The happy family waving hi to all of you but to Mom especially. I was the only one smart enough to wear rubber boots and I was the only one that got wet feet. I had tried to climb up the snow to get to the top of the waterfall. Michele was video taping and caught me on tape as I started the ill fated climb. When we watched it tonight you could hear Michele saying "Now what is my husband up to." just before I went through the snow. This was followed by a lot of laughing as I tried to dig myself out of waist deep snow with water running underneath it.
I wonder how many years it has taken the water to wear the channel in the granite. Amazing.

I got fairly close to the waterfall.
We were here.


Matthew & Michele said...

Boats, Boots...You know what I meant. :o)

I did fix the error.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the wave, great lookin family;
Love the pics, it looks like your under the waterfall;
Do you know the name of the flowers, color is awsum;
Whose the angel jumping the rocks, lol, is there a polar bear behind her?!!!!!!!!

Matthew & Michele said...

here, hear...*sigh*

Just let me know and I wil fix the spelin and gramer eror's.


The flower is Purple Saxifrage.