Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Old Man Part II

Well Dad finally made it to Cape Dorset. In order of the pictures 1- The plane arrives, 2 - After 14 hours of flying and needing a smoke, 3 - Relaxing on the couch. Nice to see my Dad after almost two years. Tomorrow is the 10 minute tour and some more photos. Can't talk anymore got to go.


Kathy said...

You look right at home Wayne, great picture!
Take care of yourself!
Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly look comfortable. Maybe I should ship up "your" armchair??? love, Liz

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt....where'd you find the picture of Freeman ? hahahaha


Anonymous said...

Its nice to see the pkg I sent arrived lookin as good as I let it go, take care of