Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Garbage Rant

I have seen something today that has finally sent me off on a rant. In the picture to the right you will notice that there is now a rubber net across the back of the garbage truck. I think I will complain to someone in the Hamlet of Cape Dorset because how am I going to be able to find the garbage truck now? Before the upgrade the truck could be easily located by following all the spilled garbage that had fallen out of the truck and now I will have to drive around for several minutes to find it. I don’t appreciate the inconvenience that this has caused. Not only is the truck now harder to find but the skills gained by dodging the bags and boxes of trash that speckled the road is eliminated. These skills kept me in top form for when I was driving in the south avoiding cars and pedestrians. I am not amused.

If anyone from Cape Dorset would like to join me in a protest at the hamlet office let me know and we can set a date and time for this to occur.

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