Monday, June 23, 2008


Qallunaat: That’s a beautiful dog you have there. What’s its name?

Inuk: Mittens.

Qallunaat: Why did you name the dog Mittens?

Inuk: I name all my dogs Mittens.

A recent blog post by Living in Cape Dorset shows a Newfoundland dog skinned and stretched for drying. Typically the pelt will be used to trim gloves, mittens and boots. Nothing goes to waste here in the north. I don’t know where I heard the joke above or maybe it just came to me but I found it to be appropriate to the Living in Cape Dorset blog. Qallunaat means white person and is pronounced ha-lun-a. A direct translation would mean big belly bushy eyebrow. That’s a bit of a joke in it’s self.

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